Today, the health care industry...

is consumer-centric

Consumers control health care now

Today, there’s increasing pressure...

to maximize the value of your investments

You need marketing that’s accountable for results

Today, you need a new health care marketing approach...

not only to survive, but to thrive

That’s where we come in


Who we are

MarketingLab office

MarketingLab Health is a consumer-first marketing agency for the health care industry

We drive consumer conversion, not just enhance your brand, to deliver more positive outcomes from your marketing investment

Providers, payers, and other health service companies are currently enjoying the benefits of our consumer-first approach

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Consumer-First Point of View

We understand consumers as both patients and people. We identify and leverage powerful consumer insights to develop strategies and activation programs that:

• Influence decision-making behavior

• Drive conversion

• Inspire positive conversations

• Generate loyalty

Our marketing is accountable for results

MarketingLab Health’s 8 Core Competencies

• Social Media

• Influencer Marketing

• Performance Media

• Website Optimization

• Customer Experience Optimization

• Partnership Activation

• Experiential Marketing

• Primary & Secondary Research

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What we know


Today, consumer-controlled health care has fundamentally changed the industry





Consumers use digital and social media to research health care just like they do for their favorite brands


Consumers are also just as likely to get referrals from friends and family as from their doctors


If we don’t rethink marketing from the consumer POV and engage them where they are; consumers will find their care elsewhere

The Status Quo Does Not Work


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What we do


Our formula in action:
Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO)

Minnesota-based Twin Cities Orthopedics has 40+ locations and is one of the largest orthopedic physician groups in the U.S.

TCO faced 2 challenges


First, they needed to differentiate themselves in an extremely competitive orthopedic marketplace


Second, they needed to do so without significantly increasing their marketing budget


• Employ a consumer-first approach to messaging

• Leverage geo and consumer targeting to add relevance

• Maximize local event sponsorship opportunities to generate more awareness and equity beyond the event itself

Data & Insights


New insights revealed the most important factors influencing clinic selection when searching online were doctor first, then location



Redesigned Website
Rooted in consumer insight, the site now makes it easy for users to find a doctor and make an appointment at a convenient location


Experiential Events
Build real, authentic relationships with high school athletes and their families with an omnichannel campaign


High Visibility Advertising
Bus wraps provide great reach throughout the Twin Cities promoting hours for Orthopedic Urgent Care locations



• An increase in Orthopedic Urgent Care visits

• Website page views, time on site, and mobile usage all increased

• “Make It To State!” drove a double-digit percentage increase in Facebook fan base

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We started working with TCO in 2014.
Since then, TCO’s business has flourished:

• Revenue growth

• Increased clinic traffic

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